I teach full-length courses and offer shorter workshops related to media innovation, including audience engagement, user experience and user engagement, mainly at colleges and universities.

A student-presented case study on Snapchat subscriptions, part of ‘Engaging Digital Audiences’ at AU

A student-presented case study on Snapchat subscriptions, part of ‘Engaging Digital Audiences’ at AU

Engaging Digital audiences

A new, semester-long course I created for American University’s School of Communication, offered Fall 2018. The course equipped junior- and senior-level undergraduate students for careers in digital engagement and online communications. Basic skills included: the fundamentals of social media engagement techniques, important technologies and tools, commenting and moderation theory, metrics for online engagement, interface design, group behavior and fan culture. Teaching methods included workshops, discussions, reading, case studies and field trips to leading media organizations in the Washington, DC area. Students completed a final engagement project that encouraged them either to craft a detailed engagement campaign or to create a new technology that would advance digital communications.


UX Design

While a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I served as the teaching assistant for an undergraduate course on mobile and user experience design. I worked with students on team projects and prepared materials that led them through the ideation, research, prototyping and testing phases of the design process.



I have participated as an advisor and teacher at numerous collegiate events including as a mentor at student hackathons, and an instructor for hour-long and day-long workshops on audience engagement, game design and more. Credits include the University of Miami, Harvard University, MIT and elsewhere.